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Cohen Schatz Associates, Inc. has brokered land for more than three decades, and as a result, we can offer our clients unique benefits.

We know real estate.

For more than three decades, Cohen Schatz Associates, Inc. has served the building industry, offering professional expertise to sellers, buyers and financial institutions. The company has been responsible for subdividing and/or selling hundreds of properties ranging in size from 3 to 5,000 lots. From first-time sellers to established builders or financial institutions who desire to liquidate or acquire land, our clients benefit from the depth and breadth of our experience.

We know our markets.

With offices in New Jersey and Florida, Cohen Schatz Associates, Inc. has an experienced team of professionals that understand the intricacies of each of our markets and remain current on the trends taking place in each of their territories. Our insights allow us to identify opportunities, both for buyers and for sellers, and to help our clients convert those opportunities into profitable transactions.

We know the right people.

Cohen Schatz Associates, Inc. has built a business based on relationships and a reputation based on trust. Sellers can rely on us to find the right buyers for their land, and buyers know that they can count on us when they're ready to acquire. Our powerful network of contacts – forged over three decades in the industry – gives our clients a competitive edge when marketing or purchasing land.